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SMIWE - whitening toothpaste LyDenti Elements

We present LyDenti Elements SMIWE, a whitening toothpaste created together with leading dental societies. In addition to the effective removal of discoloration and support in maintaining the effects after the whitening treatment SMIWE - with the help of natural ingredients - is ideal for daily care reducing hypersensitivity.

With aloe extract

The toothpaste contains a multifunctional whitening complex with future enamel protection for whitening and remineralizing teeth. Aloe extract with the addition of vitamin B3 and vitamin E has a very positive effect on the oral mucosa and helps to nourish and regenerate it. The mint scent ensures a very long fresh breath and intense taste sensations. Contains Sodium Fluoride 1000 ppm Fˉ.


Where to buy?

You can order LyDenti Elements pastes only in selected dental offices. If you are interested in purchasing or establishing cooperation, please click on the button below.

We have added naturally occurring xylitol, thanks to which the oral cavity maintains the acid-base balance, thus preventing the development of unfavorable bacterial flora. SMIWI contains hydroxyapatite, a natural building block of tooth enamel with a whitening effect.

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